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An ALTA survey is a land survey that follows a national standard established by the American Land Title Association (ALTA) and the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS). This kind of survey is generally performed on larger parcels of land and those that are involved in commercial transactions or investments because of the level of detail on the survey and certain minimum standards.


A topographic survey is used for design and development purposes. It is an important document used by architects and engineers that shows all physical improvements and space on a property with detailed measurements of these features so that architects and engineers can rely upon for the purpose of designing and coordinating future development on the site. These surveys are typically done during the preparation or along with the design phase of a project.


As-built surveys are performed during construction at various stages so that construction managers can monitor the progress and location of structures to ensure that their locations and heights are in accordance with their designs.

Final (C of O)

A final survey is necessary to be performed at the end of a construction or renovation project as is a necessary document to obtain a certificate of occupancy (CO) from a buildings department or other government agencies to ensure that your completed project complies with the approved plans.

Elevation Certificate

The elevation certificate is a form created by FEMA for the purpose of determining if a structure on a given property is compliant with flood hazard area building code or for determining if it is within a SFHA or Special Flood Hazard Area.It is a form that is filled out by a surveyor that certifies the elevations of the structure and the elevations of the land adjacent to a structure.


Subdivisioning is the process of creating a new parcel of land out of a larger parent parcel. Lot merging is the process of combining parcels of land into a larger tract of land. Lot line adjustments are any changes in the legal boundary between adjoining parcels of land. The new lot lines are delineated by metes-and-bounds and are an important part of planning for development of the parcel.

Metes & Bounds

Metes & Bounds Descriptions are an important part of any deed. Metes & bounds use measurements and the written word to describe a unique and distinct parcel or tract of land. Careful construction of a property description is of the utmost importance when purchasing or selling land. Only a licensed land surveyor is qualified to prepare a metes-and-bounds suitable for proper conveyance and description of land.

Special Survey

Every project is unique. Our team looks forward to coming up with a unique solution for your survey needs!