Company Values

NY Land Surveyor, PC. provides land surveying services in the 5 Boroughs of the City of New York, with specialty in Manhattan & the Bronx with the acquisition of Harwood Surveying PC, the oldest surveying firm in Manhattan, with survey information dating back to the 1800s, which possessed over 100,000 survey records of: Harwood Surveying, PC | Harwood-Goldberg Surveying & Engineering Associates, PC | Harwood & Harwood, PC | Frank E. Towle & Son, INC.

Our Values

Reliable: We take responsibility for our services to ensure they meet our needs of your project.

Quality: We perform our survey work in accordance with industry best practices.

Customer Commitment: We are devoted to our customers to help you achieve your goals.

Professionalism: Our team of professionals are here for you throughout your project. Reliable: We aim to provide a consistent experience for our esteemed clients.