Special Services

3D Laser Scanning Modeling & BIM | Photogrammetry

If you are selling property, you may have to provide the buyer with an up-to-date survey of your property in order to:

  • Give your buyer confidence in the purchase
  • Verify the size and extent of your property for the buyer
  • Avoid later legal disputes arising from an inadequate or inaccurate property description
  • You are buying property

Typically your house and land represent your largest assets. You need to know what you are purchasing. Obtaining a survey may be the most important action you do before you close the deal on any purchase. Only a survey map made by our licensed surveyors can depict what you are purchasing.


Our surveyors will perform research, survey the property and prepare a survey map that will reveal:

  • If there are rights of others to use your property through easements for utilities or rights-of-way
  • The location of improvements such as buildings, fences, driveways, walkways, and swimming pools
  • Potential encroachments that may cause disputes, such as a fence or driveway of a neighboring property